3. июня 2020

Statement of Manuela Deverill, CEO at CIM med GmbH: What Covid-19 taught us.

Covid-19 pandemic has changed both society and economy massively in a short period of time. A lot of the world’s problems are seen in a different light. Sustainability, security of supply or climate change just to name a few. Health and global healthcare became focal points. Covid-19 has made it very clear that humanity and responsibility are values that international companies have to embrace more than ever.

Global cooperation and shared principles have become keywords. It is most essential now to use the momentum to establish an interconnectedness of all nations, change our business practices for the better and contribute to strengthening our society and protecting our environment.

The way we did business a few month ago is no longer possible. Parallel to the necessity to adapt new perspectives on economic and human behaviour emerged within CIM med.

What does this mean for our customers, their patients worldwide, our partners and employees?

We haven’t been immune to the disruptions in supply chain or logistics, but we have overcome them quickly by implementing a crisis task force mapping suppliers and logistic partners. We diversified our supply chain across different geographies and spot weaknesses before they become a problem. Contingency options and the financial funds to add production capacities for pent-up demands will strengthen our global position as reliable supplier and prepares us for everything the future may bring.

Lockdown and social distancing have shown us that radical changes in our lifestyle and business attitude are possible. Practices we claimed to be vital before the crisis had to be changed instantly. With air travel being abandoned, interaction with our partners had to be adapted to the new way of communication. We offer regular webinars, video conferences and virtual presentations for our customers all over the world. In the months to come, we will see how we can preserve and improve the newly established tools and foster digital transition. Although we are not sitting in the same room, we are sitting in the same boat.

The incredible improvements in our planets wellbeing cannot go unnoticed. In adapting to lack of travel we must now see the benefits this has brought to air and water quality. The speed at which the ozone layer has repaired during lockdown must surely give us hope that we can adapt to prevent the damages of the past. CIM med will be dedicating itself to this mission.

Our employees have been working from home and we have seen the change in the workplace culture to be positive. Our team valued the flexible working schedule and the benefit to combine work and family life. For many, the child care problem was solved by working remotely. What was initiated by the fact to safeguard our employees’ health, turned out to be an option we will consider for future work models. Our health and safety rules have become second nature to all of us. The awareness of people’s health is definitely something that will outlive the crisis.

We do not know what challenges the future may bring, but we know we can master them by outlining our strategic goals, remaining flexible in response and never losing the focus to be best at what we do.

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