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15 years of CIM med

The mindset of successful entrepreneurs

"In addition to passion, perseverance, and creativity, a realistic self-image is one of the crucial success factors of a company.", says Manuela Deverill, CEO at CIM med.

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Because we care

Responsibility comes first

We are working with state-of-the-art medical technology, but it is the human element that counts. For us, it is not just a mounting solution, we pay attention to safety and infection prevention in critical care areas. By providing safe and hassle-free mounts, we facilitate the work of clinical staff, so that they can focus on what is important, the patient. What drives us is the aspiration to safeguard health and foster healing. With everything we do, we put human wellbeing at the centre. That makes us, CIM med - because we actually care.

Because we care

The cart that adapts for you

Do you need a solution for Telemedicine? Ventilators? Patient Monitoring? General IT?

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Because we care

Infection prevention is at our core

We don’t stand still. We challenge our products every day. This is how we have achieved making an example in advanced hygiene cleanliness and infection prevention with our unique mounting systems. We know what is at stake - the health and lives of people -, so we go beyond basic infection control requirements, for our clients’ trust and the patients’ safety.

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Because we care

Better by design

To us, a mounting solution means more than a necessity: it represents an essential means of connection in critical care areas. This is why we do not just carry the mount in our name, CIM med - Cable Integrated Mounting systems in a medical environment -, but have incorporated it into our DNA and dedicate our thoughts in developing products that add value to our clients and their patients.

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CIM med

Good ideas spread naturally

It goes without saying that our mounting solutions are ergonomic, safe and sound. What we are proud of is the holistic approach of our daily work: Our guiding principles are longevity, sustainability and infection prevention, however, with everything we do, we put human well-being at the centre. We are happy to help!

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We know we have done a good job when your job becomes easier.

We strive for meeting our customer’s expectations. If you need assistance with your projects or support during your installations, we guarantee seamless communication, reliability and perfection to the smallest detail.

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Pat Monitor
Infection Prevention
Because it is about health and lives of people

We are led by our moral compass to significantly contribute to reducing the risk of infections and deaths in hospitals. We create mounting solutions that benefit the patient and medical staff and help by increasing ergonomics, safety and rising the standard in infection prevention.

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Who is smuggling arms into your hospital?

Germs are often spread from person to person by touching something that is contaminated. Not only clean hands, but also clean equipment prevent germs from being passed on.

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New standards in infection control can save lives

Dr. Brünke confirms: “The mounting arm from CIM med was proven to be the best amongst all tested mounting arms and is the recommended product as far as hygiene control and infection prevention is concerned.”

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Customer Feedback

Eero Raudsepp - Sales Manager at Diamedica OÜ

Diamedica’s cooperation with CIM med started in early 2017. For this project (North Estonia Medical Centre) it was crucial to find high-end manufacturer of monitor arms. CIM med met all the requirements that Medical Centre had for monitor arms. By providing flexible solutions, we could find the best options for each department.

Michael Putnam - Clinical Specialist at Dräger Medical Canada Inc.

This consultative approach is something that is extremely helpful and definitely provides additional value to the CIM med product.

Tomáš Zalužanský - Manager of surgical disciplines at Hospimed, spot. s.r.o. Czech Republic

For few years we were looking for mounting solutions for our endoscopy/ laparoscopy carts to make them representative and suitable for our customers. So far CIM med is the state of the art solution in this field and I’m happy we found this supplier. During our cooperation I appreciate especially quality, support and fast delivery times, which always help us to do our business without worries.

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