23. marzo 2020

Statement of Manuela Deverill, CEO at CIM med GmbH on the corona crisis

We are fully aware of our responsibility as healthcare manufacturer for our customers worldwide, our employees, healthcare providers and ultimately for affected patients.

We put safety first in everything we do.

Safety has always and will always be our first priority. We have implemented hygiene measures throughout the company. Communication between colleagues is limited to a minimum and telephone conferences are the preferred means of conversation. Work places, especially in assembly and production are not shared and every member of the team follows the strict rules of disinfecting the tools and work place when leaving. Assembly lines have been reorganized to keep a safety distance of at least 3 meters.

Home office for colleagues who can carry out their duty remotely is implemented. A back-up plan for the production team is in place. Production and assembly teams are split up and work in different time shifts enabling us to be fully operable in case one team has to be quarantined.

Business trips have been canceled, however, we have set up a task force to help our customers worldwide via telephone and conference calls. We are contactable for all our partners wherever they are in the world.

Customers needs are met.

We have implemented production procedures and processes to cope with the increased demand for mounting solutions and carts worldwide. Part time employees will act as back-up teams working full time in order to guarantee that lead times are kept. Furthermore, we have been ramping up our production capacities since January 1st, 2020 to be ready for the growing demand expected for the next two years. This investment into the future comes in handy now.

We are powered by a sense of unity and a team where everyone supports the other. I am very proud that our employees both in Europe and the USA are ready to support our customers, healthcare institutions and their patients in the fight against Covid 19. By providing products with the best infection prevention credentials available in the market, we facilitate the work of all the brave healthcare professionals fighting at the front, so that they can focus on what is important, namely the patient. This is what drives us, the aspiration to safeguard health and foster healing. This is what we stand for. CIM med, because we care.

Stay safe.

Manuela Deverill