Mounting solutions that set new standards

Compliant with the highest medical regulations, plus integrated cable routing and a 5-year maintenance-free warranty. What’s really at our core is Infection Prevention. CIM arms are clinically proven to be the best in the world for Infection Prevention, according to independent test results.

Integrated cable management

We meet the growing demands of hygiene and aesthetics in the medical environment while protecting cables from damage and accidental disconnection.

Silky ergonomics

Smooth adjustment and maneuverability with perfect placement of the monitors and devices.

Flexible positioning

Large swiveling and turning ranges for optimum positioning of the devices.

Space saving

Optimal parking positions through flexibility.

Zero maintenance

Guaranteed maintenance-free operation during the standard 5-year warranty.

6-fold safety factor

The highest safety standard on the market for patient, user and device safety.

TÜV-certified safety

Independently tested systems that comply with current EN 60601 regulations.

Precise engineering

Guarantees a level screen in all viewing positions. Finesse at your fingertips.

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