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Exclusion of liability

Insofar as information is made available free of charge, any liability in respect of warranty of title and quality of information, in particular in relation to its correctness, freedom from defect, freedom from third-party industrial property rights and copyright, completeness and/or practicability – except in the case of intent or malice – shall be excluded.
The information on the CIM med Website can contain specifications or general descriptions of technical possibilities of products which in some cases (e.g. due to product changes) are not necessarily available. In individual cases, therefore, the desired capability characteristics must be arranged for at purchase.

Although CIM med GmbH always endeavours to keep the CIM med Website free of viruses, CIM med cannot guarantee complete freedom from viruses. Before downloading information, the user is advised, for his/her own protection as well as to prevent viruses from infecting the CIM med Website, to provide suitable security measures (e.g. by using virus scanners).

References and hyper links

The CIM med Website can contain hyper links to the websites of third parties. CIM med declines to take responsibility for the content of these websites, nor does CIM med adopt these websites or their content as its own since CIM med does not control the linked information and is not responsible for the content and information provided thereof. It is at one’s own risk that the user employs such links.

Intellectual property

The data of the CIM Website, their information, brand names and other contents or any results which have been generated or displayed using the presentation tools, either as a whole or in part, may only be viewed, copied and/or saved for private, non-commercial use. This use is limited to obtaining information about goods and services offered.
Copying, using, selling, letting, utilizing, duplicating, adding, amending or disseminating data of the CIM med Website, their contents or results for non-private purposes requires prior written approval of the CIM med GmbH.

CIM med retains the copyright for all objects (graphics, sound files, video sequences and texts etc.) created by the CIM med. Editing or re-editing, duplication or use of any such objects in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without written approval of CIM med. Copyright notices and brand designations must not be changed or eliminated.

All trade names and registered trade names cited within the CIM med Website, which may be protected by third parties, are subject without exception to the conditions of applicable brand or trademark law and ownership law of the respective registered owners. The fact that a trademark is cited does not by itself indicate that the trademark is not protected by third parties.

Besides the granted user rights or other rights expressly granted herein, the user is not granted any further rights of any kind, especially in company names or in industrial property rights such as patents, utility patents or brands, neither does CIM med have any liability of granting such rights.

Any information on the CIM med Website is protected both by copyright laws and by international copyright agreements as well as by other laws and agreements concerning intellectual property. The user shall observe these laws, and in particular shall not remove alphanumeric identifiers, marks and copyright notices from the information. §§ 69a et seq. of the copyright law shall remain unaffected.

If the user saves ideas and incentives on the CIM med Website, CIM med shall be entitled to use them without charge for the development, improvement and sales of the products included in their portfolio.

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