High Position Height Adjustable Arm

Ideal when the only available mounting position is out of reach. Perfect for attaching to pendents, booms and horizontal rails that are mounted above supply ducts.

Product Features

Infection prevention through easy-to-clean surfaces
Cable Integrated Management
Silky ergonomics
Flexible positioning
Space saving
Zero maintenance
6-fold safety factor
TÜV-certified safety
Precise engineering
Monitor Presentations

Which monitor would you like to mount?

CIM med offers solutions for a wide range of medical device manufacturers.

Fixing Options

Where do you want to fix the support arm?

In the hospital, there are various ways to attach our brackets: pole, midi-rail, wall channel or to an anaesthesia machine. We always deliver the right adapter for you.

Vertical rail clamp

To mount to vertical European rail 10 x 25 mm

Dual vertical rail clamp

To mount to two parallel vertical European rails 10 x 25 mm

Fixed pole clamp

To mount to pole ø 25, 35, 38 mm / 1.0, 1.4, 1.5"

Universal pole clamp

V-block to mount to pole ø 23 - 40 mm / 0.9 - 1.6"

Adapter for Mindray medical supply units

Adaper for Amico pendants & headwalls

Adapter for vertical wall channel

For arms with high mounting positions

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