February 12, 2020

Becoming an industry leader in a niche medical market

Becoming an industry leader in a niche medical market

Although the medical market is oversaturated with technology, there are segments poorly served. I am talking about niche markets within a high-tech industry. The question is „Can you be successful in a niche market with limited market potential?“ The answer is: „Yes.“

To establish a successful business within an industry niche the main criteria is to lead the market and place yourself in the pole position by raising the industry standards. Always strive to be better than others and become an expert in your „nutshell“. Commit yourself to excellence and set the bar for your niche market. Growth my not come immediately since the awareness of a niche market’s product is usually low. Nevertheless, we are well in to our second decade of growing our business.

At CIM med we have used our knowledge and experience to develop products that consider tomorrow’s requirements, today. We have opened doors by coming up with the solution to meet the unmet needs. It is not enough to understand the market. You have to set the trend by picking up what the market will need in future.

Small markets are just as competitive as any other. It is vital to truly put your customers into the center of everything you do and offer a product your competitors can’t. You need to be the problem-solver for your customers. You will be rewarded with your customers’ loyalty if you manage to deliver excellent products and service.

Accepting that people do not buy your products, even if they are better, is a challenge. Customers want a good reason why they should buy your product from your company. Share your motivation, your beliefs, your inner drive and stay true to yourself. Let people know why you do what you do and how your strengths, values and principals guarantee professionalism and first-class service for them.

Don’t be led by the misconception that you have to get the whole „pie“. Not everyone will share your principles. That’s okay. For now.

From Manuela Deverill, CEO CIM med GmbH



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